End of the year writing activities for middle school

Then, they synthesize what they have learned by composing a piece fo creative writing that blends elements of prose, poetry, figurative language, and art.

Learn more here. I can still remember the day when one of my 8th grade girls got up and sang an Alicia Keys song a capella.

End year printable activities

Classroom walls can start to look empty at the end of the year as you take things down to prepare for summer. Screen these yourself first, as they do contain some adult content. Work with your school librarian to put these lists together. Have students write letters to themselves. Students study the way authors play with word choice through the lens of a sound equalizer. This is a quick and easy way to temporarily decorate walls you have stripped for the last few days of school. Little ones especially have a hard time with the end of a school year. Write a how-to essay explaining how to have the best last day of school. Fun activities that are meaningful meet important standards and increase student learning. If they need more time on writing, have them write profiles of their favorite TV stars or even write their own autobiographies. Why not… Teach that fun unit you never have time for.

Older students can add captions and music. Student Video Project: These can take all kinds of forms: end-of-year retrospectives, book trailers, tutorials or welcome videos for incoming students.

End of year activities 3rd grade

Why not have them research ways that people their age can make a difference? Add in some people from current events and pop culture the current president, a favorite musician and even folks they studied throughout the year Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earheart. Ask students to create a Top 10 featuring their favorite ten vocabulary words of the year. By cutting words from that text or marking out everything but a few words, students can uncover some pretty fantastic poetry. Tie movies directly to standards by asking students to compare how film adaptations compare to their original versions. Put a new twist on skill drills. Guest Bloggers 37 Awesome End of the Year Activities The last few weeks of school are a great time to do some of the those fun enrichment activities that you may have had to put off in order to fit in all that is required. What then? First, we need separate fun into two categories: meaningful and fluff. Here are 20 of them for free! Have each student get out a felt-tipped marker not a Sharpie—it may bleed through. Each day, break the last link in the chain and do the activity on the strip. For older students, evaluating the course can be valuable on many levels. Include details about the weather, the activities, and the people involved.

Describe the perfect day of school. Make a copy of the scrapbook for every student, or make an electronic scrapbook and take the opportunity to teach students how to use PowerPoint or another program.

End of school year reflection activities

Print up a growing tree. What is it you want students to take away from the lessons, and how can you add meaningful elements of fun to those lessons? Students could draw memories from the past year, write shout-outs for friends and staff members, or just draw for the pure joy of creating something. Write an opinion piece that clearly supports your position. Use this to your advantage by engaging reluctant readers. Minute to Win it Games: These require some equipment and set-up, but not a whole lot, and they will really break students out of their shells. Add in some people from current events and pop culture the current president, a favorite musician and even folks they studied throughout the year Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earheart. One idea is to write the name of a different fun activity on colored construction paper strips. Hit the link below to get a free printable template for this project. Aim for ideas that are free and accessible for example, drawing a hopscotch on the sidewalk or running in the sprinkler, rather than going to Disneyland. Take a break and let the students lead the class for a change. Describe your school in detail. To learn more about Genius Hour, check out my friend A. Narrative Writing Prompts Thinking back on the school year, write a personal narrative describing your favorite memory and why it stood out amongst the other school days. Another type of service project could be organizing a school-wide yard sale, with the profits going to charity.

Two easy-to-make mindfulness tools are glitter jars and breathing sticks. Do a Countdown: Counting down until summer can be a fun way to track those last few weeks. In the same way that you can plug questions or content into a platform like Kahoot, you can do the same with BreakoutEDU they also have a lot of pre-made games available for purchase.

What will people think? Include the benefits of having summer field trips as well as possible locations in your letter.

end of year activities 4th grade

If your students are finishing up a piece of writing, try this free grammar revision game. What then?

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