Rabbit leg prothesis

As far as the bedding, I have the pee pads down because she was sliding on the plastic bottom cage and that helped with that. One of its front legs had been amputated before it came to him and the elbow joint in the other so badly damaged that it was having trouble walking.

A leg fracture occurs when injury or damage is done to the leg, causing the leg to crack or break. Many, many cats in cities globally are indoor cats.

They may have trouble balancing when grooming, eating or performing other tasks. Compare the insides of both ears Can you provide pain-free, functional quality of life?

can a rabbit live with a broken leg

Lastly bedding, puppy pads will not give enough padding for her I'm afraid. She had her operation Dec 8th.

how to fix a dislocated leg on a rabbit
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Bunny benefiting from prosthetic support