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According to Stoll"Baloney. If someone knows about internet research, data entry, MS Word, etc. So, to become educated, skillful we can use computers and this is one of the most beneficial use of the computer in our daily life.

Importance of computers in todays world

Speed, accuracy, reliability, and integrity are the main characteristics of a computer. Laptops and palmtops have replaced the desktops, which are still popular in many of the industries. They can sell and market their product on portals or such as Amazon. Some people dislike computers, because of the complications it takes to understand the basics. P Eckert in But then why people do not have any time today for their family. Computer science is explored and challenged by humans daily. One can get railway and air tickets booked online. Importance of computer in our daily life You can understand and analyze the importance of computer by seeing a revolution in offline and online business, online education, online business, online communication, and internet banking. What's wrong with that? The traffic in large cities is controlled by computers. John Nouchly an J. That created the new education business model called small classes, smart classroom, and digital classrooms.

There are many different languages that can be used to programme a computer. Various types of games like chess and cards can also be played on computers. This is so much simpler today to build a career in the IT field by the use of a computer.

The importance of computers is also undeniable in the world of communication where now the world has indeed become a global village because of this miraculous invention.

10 uses of computer in different fields

Use of computers has reduced the paperwork. They are using the computer and the internet to create websites. Some people are using the computer to listen to songs and to watch movies etc.

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Computers in Our Life essays